Booking for Clinics

Booking Clinics

Here you can ourchase clinic spaces at various locations. Prices include Arena hire. Arena hire costs vary according to location. 

Palace House; £15/45 mins, £20/hr

Onley Grounds; £15/45 mins

Dryfields Farm, £5/horse

Vale Hallow Livery, Somerset, £10/horse

Each location allow certain numbers of people per sessions, so pleasetake this into consideration when booking. If the option of 'pairs' lessons or 'group' lessons are available then the lesson has to be purachsed by one member of 'pair' or 'group' and the individual payments has to be arranged amongst yourselves. thoroughbred dressage does not hold any responsibilty for individual payments bewteen pairs/groups. Any cancellations have to be made no less than 24hrs prior, otherwise a refund cannot be granted. Louise will do her utmost to work with individual/groups/pairs timings needs and requirements. please make sure you supply a valid email address on checkout this is how you will receiev your times, which will be sent 7-4 dyas before the day of the clinic. 

Any further questions please email at


Drop me a line for time requirements