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Online Training Resources

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If you are the beginning of your retraining journey and you would like to know what signs to look out for, how to ‘build buttons’ from the floor up  and how to assess and gain as much information as possible from your horse before ridden work, then this is the training video for you. 

THE GOAL; The goal of this training video is to begin to build a good foundation between you and your horse, with the aim of progressing towards ridden work. 

Topics covered; balance, straightness, responsiveness to the aids


Do you feel like your racehorse is ‘on the go’ the whole time, and the act of getting on, is all a bit of a rush? This training video breaks down the getting on process so that you and your horse can get on safely and calm in all environments without needing an army of people to help you. 

THE GOAL: to have a calm and happy horse and rider, who can, no matter what the situation, get on calm and without rushing off

Topics covered: Mounting practice, acceptance of the voice, calming your ex racehorse, development of relationship 


So now you’re on, how do we take those first, most important steps, safely and quietly? Using the ‘buttons’ created in session one (Groundwork) we now translate that to ridden work

THE GOAL: to build on the relationship from the groundwork, to under saddle, in a; calm, stress free and hopefully, resistant free way


Do you struggle with keeping a consistent contact with your ex racehorse? If you compete, do you get the comment ‘could be softer over the back and work into a more elastic frame/contact’, are you struggling with medium trot, trot canter strides, do you feel like your horse goes into ‘giraffe’ mode? Then this is the training video for you. 

Using Saint Gregoire, a croup high, big striding ex racehorse, we begin to look at how gear changes within the pace and the paces, helps develop his connection, balance, straightness, which results in a better connection and contact 

THE GOAL: to create a better balance and connection and understanding and development of the half halt and improving the engagement 

Topics Covered: balance, straightness, suppleness, half halt


Probably one of the hardest transitions to ride on your ex racehorse. This session covers; how to achieve the correct canter lead and how to avoid this horrid ‘giraffe’ moments in the transition itself. This training video is great for all levels from; just beginning their re training journey, to those competing at all levels 

THE GOAL: to achieve a soft, relaxed, easier and consistent canter strike off, followed by a good, fluent forward transition to trot