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Welcome to Thoroughbred Dressage.com


Throughbred Dressage is set in the Buckinghamshire countryside, minutes away from one of the UK's leading equine venues.


My goal is to produce horses: those bred for the arena and those that have the natural 'dance flair'. 

Thoroughbred Dressage is a stable dedicated to the retraining of ex-racehorses from the race track to the dressage arena.


As well as ex-racehorses we also train a variety of breeds, whether it's Warmblood, Arab, or Connemara.


My aim is to produce quality horses that will excel in the dressage arena, but also give them the foundation to succeed in other disciplines:  eventing, polo, riding club horse etc.

We have horses from all backgrounds/histories/injuries etc and compete at; regional, national and International level on board our ex racehorses and warmbloods. 


Thoroughbred Dressage

training principles come from the classical dressage techniques. Both Regional and National titles have been won on our horses and we are proud for our diveristy of horses and what we achieve within the white boards.  

Thoroughbred Dressage also supports and trains many riders and horses who also go onto great success, in whatever way. 

Email: louise@thoroughbreddressage.com

Phone: +44 (0) 7709510393