Micro Learnings




    The Micro Learning section allows you to further your knowledge and understanding of our ex racehorses. The Micro learnings give an insight into our training ideas, concepts and thoughts as to how we train our ex racehorses working with THEM as horses, not what we 'want' them to be. 

    Some of our MicroLearnings are from videos, some are from our online zoom sessioms. The videos comes in a  downloadable PDF (which you recieve upon purchase PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE ON THE PDF TO OBTAIN VIDEO) give youe UNLIMITED LIFETIME access to the videos which range from 15-20 minutes in length. 

    Each Series have a selection of videos, which allow you to choose which one suits you best, along with 'bundle' options which gives you access to ALL of the videos in the series at a discounted rate 

    You can also purchase the training videos which give you more exercise specific ideas to help your trainig with your ex racehorse. To visit our "TRAINING VIDEO' section please refer to the tab at the meu section or CLICK HERE to be directed to the page  

    We currently have 3 MicroLearnings available; "Cantering without Concern", "From Giraffe to Great", which is an interactive MicroLearning and the  "Bridging the Gap' series, which is a series of video based learnings/teachings

    If you have any further questions or would like further help with your ex racehorse, please fill out the contact form to the right. 

    Gastro Scoping 11th September 2023

    We are extremely excited to be able to offer a scoping day at TB Dressage as part of National Racehorse Week. Alongside offering a discount with scoping your ex racehorse (visit the 'Masterclass' page to sign up)

    We are also offering the chance for you to come along and watch a horse being scoped and talking through treatment options along with feeding advice from Dengie. Its so important to see what exactly happens/goes on with our former racehorses and due to the fact that upto 90% of racehorses leave racing with some sort of ulceration I think its vital that we learn as much as we can and how to best help/manage our horses.  (Light refreshments will also be available) 

    Saddle Fitting Demo at Team TB Dressage 16th September 2023

    10am Start (2 Hours approx)

    Come along to Team TB dressage Base, Padbury, Buckingham UK to see how we fit our saddles and what journey we go on with our ex racehorses with their 'saddle fitting' career. Our wonderful Saddle Fitter Kirsty, will take you through what to look for, common areas of concerns, talking thrugh 'trouble shotting' concerns' and how to dveelop the best posisble journey with you, your ex racehorse and your saddle fitter  


    • Do you find that your Racehorses neck is just ‘up’ and ‘in the way’?
    • Do you feel like your ex racehorse is ‘off the bridle’ yet behind the leg?
    • Do you feel like your ex racehorse whizzes off on the lunge and becomes easily distracted when ridden?
    • Do you sometimes feel out of control? 
    • Do you feel like you’re not sure of what the first steps to take to get your ex racehorse understanding ‘the contact?’
    • Would you like to find a better way of communicating with your ex racehorse without potential explosions, or behaviour of a horse that seems to want to ‘run’ everywhere? 

    This Saturday 29th July 2023 at 6pm BST, we are going to hold a webinar that focuses on the groundwork/long reining/lunging, that will help you build from the ground up. On Tuesday the 1st August 2023, 7pm BST we will be looking at the ridden portion of how to apply the groundwork into ridden work. Throughout these two sessions we will be looking at: 

    • To help reduce the possibility of tension
    • To help increase focus
    • To help develop balance and suppleness
    • To be able to assess from the floor, develop confidence and posture and then apply to ridden work 
    • To help develop ‘ride ability’ and a better relationship with your ex racehorse
    • How to help develop the half halt

    You can purchase the sessions either individually, or as a pair and get a price reduction

    You will be given exercises in PDF format following on from the sessions, along with video where applicable. To all that sign up, recordings will be sent after the webinar 


    A 2 part series which is fantatsic for those looking for more understanding and help surrounding cantering your OTTB and common concerns, problems and training questions answered. We will be covering; the canter transitions both 'to' canter and from 'canter to trot', obtaining the correct canter lead, dealing with the 'fast' canter/'racehorse mode', how to begin to develop straightness and ridebaility in the canter, dealing with 'common problems' and how to feel safe whilst doing so. These sessions will use 'examples'/case studies of our ex racehorses and how we develop and train them accordingly. We are calling it "the 6 versions of racehorses':

    • The 'one sided horse'
    • The 'Running' Horse
    • The 'backing off horse'
    • The 'disunited horse'
    • The 'forward somersault' horse
    • The french bulldog horse

    With each of the sessions you will recieve the recoridng of each session, along with exercises (PDF format) which are discussed through in the sessions, along with training videos as well. With your purchase you will recieve the exercises and the download PDF/link to the recordings via the email address you have supplied.  


    These Micro Leranings look into greater detail 5 key areas to be able to understand and work with your OTTB right from the beginning stages of retraining through the early stages of ridden work.

    Each session is 30-60 minutes long and has a Q&A at the end. With each session you will recieve AT LEAST one training video and one exercsie to compliment what we have been discussing throughout the session 

    These are brilliant for ALL levels of riding/training/stages of retraining and help you better understand your ex racehorse and help with any training problems, concerns or quieries. 


    This series focuses on being able to bridge the gap between the Racing World and the Retraining World. This series covers three topics:



    Rider Position and Seat

    Which allows you as the rider/trainer to best understand how our racehorses are used to being worked and how they have been 'communicated to' via the rider, which allows us to re create, understand and develop into our training as riding horses