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    Our Free Masterclasses help you obtain knowledge about re training of ex racehorses, but also give you an insight into how we explain and train our horses, which can be seen in further depth/detail with our Micro Learnings section (CLICK HERE) or our Training Videos Section (CLICK HERE) or our Training Programmes (CLICK HERE) 

    To sign up to our Masterclasses, please fill in the form with YOUR NAME, THE NAME OF THE MASTERCLASS YOU WISH TO ATTEND AND YOUR EMAIL (if you type in your email incorrectly please email us to inform us)

    All who sign up to the Masterclass will recieve a link to the playback which you will have lifetime access to, so it doesnt matter if you cannt attend on the day . 


    Gastro Scoping Day 11th September 2023 

    We are extremely excited to be able to offer a scoping day at TB Dressage as part of National Racehorse Week. Towcester Equine, along with BOVA are providing a day where you can receive a MASSIVE discount on the price of scoping your horse (price includes sedation. Normal cost of a scope would be £320-£360 and for the day Towcester and BOVA are offering it for £200 (If medication is required this is NOT included in the price) 

    You will need to bring your horse on the Monday as we cannot offer stabling/starving from the night before 

    If you would like to take advantage of this offer you need to sign up at the link below and use the word SCOPE for the ‘masterclass.’

    Ever Wondered How We Feed and Mange our Ex Racehorses? Yard Talk/Open Morning with Dengie Horse Feeds, Towcester Equine and Phil ‘the Farrier’ Pearce


    Location: Padbury Buckingham, UK

    Start Time: 930am

    Date: 15th July 2023

    Practitioners: Dengie Horse Feeds, Towcetser Equine Vets, Phil Pearce, farrier

    Have you ever found yourself EXCEEDINGLY confused, dazed, baffled and slightly over awed at what to feed your TB? How do you promote toppling development without fizz? How do you navigate various seasons and various weight fluctuations? 

    Naturally here at team TB dressage we have ex racehorses (thoroughbreds) but we also ‘double up’ as a dressage training yard, so we have warmbloods and various other breeds as well. We have, what you may consider, as a ‘tricky’ yard feeding/weight management system as we have our TB’s who require a VERY different approach compared to our warmbloods. Some of our horses have EMS and are also living on the ‘laminitic edge of life.’ However, we have a brilliant team of top notch professionals who help guide us through the various highs and lows of owning and training horses. 

    On the 15th July we are holding an Open morning where Dengie Horse feeds, Towcester Equine Vets and our farrier will talk through how we approach our managing systems to help develop the ‘overall ‘ horse. We will be looking alt ALL levels of re training from the very beginning all the way through to the high levels of dressage. 

    Whether it be feeding advice, forage advice, how to best manage ulcers with training, riding and competing, how to help improve and develop hoof care, or how to encompass all of the above with training concepts/ideas, hopefully this day will be for you. 

    The day is FREE for all to attend, all you have to do is sign up in the box above and put the ‘topic’ as FEEDING OPEN DAY to book yourself a place. 

    WE HAVE AN ADDED BONUS (LIMITED SPACES) that after the talks that we are offering for you to be able to bring your horse to be weighed and diet to be talked through/discussed. We have 10 spaces available an these slots will start from 11.30am (please note that all horses WILL HAVE to stand on trailers/lorries as we cannot accommodate for horses to be tied up outside of lorries/trainers) To book your space please use box above  but put the topic line as FEEDING OPEN DAY+ HORSE (YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN EX RACEHORSE TO BOOK YOUR SLOT ALL BREEDS ARE WELCOMED)


    Our first Free Masterclass will be about how your Racehorse experience their 'day racing' and how we can then understand, apply some techniques and best prepare our former stars of the track to being able to travel away from home post racing and possibly compete in a calm and safe manner. 26th January 2023 7pm GMT (London) 

    Each session is 30-60 minutes long and has a Q&A at the end.

    These are brilliant for ALL levels of riding/training/stages of retraining and help you better understand your ex racehorse and help with any training problems, concerns or quieries. 

    To Book fill out the form at the Top of the page with the Name of the Masterclass as: A DAY AT THE RACES