Mister Glum

Thoroughbred Dressage

'From Flying Past to Flying Change'

Mister Glum: The Foundation


Trainer: Ian Balding &Henrietta Knight

Owner/Breeder: Hm The Queen

Sire: Rons Victory



Mister Glum had a rather undistinguished racing career. He didn't start racing until he was three years old, under trainer Ian Balding. He had one and only one race, to which he came last. He was then transferred to Henrietta Knights yard to try National Hunt racing. However, due to his sprint racing breeding, he could not cope with the distance plus the fences.


He was retired form racing at seven years old and was retrained by Terry Pendry until he was nine, when him and Louise met. Louise and Glum went from happy hackers, to attending riding club Nationals, BD Talent Spotting Finalists and then successful up to PSG level.


It was Mister Glum that took Louise to Monica Theodorescu's (triple gold Olympic Medlaist) stable yard, where they progressed from Novice level to PsG level in 18 months.


Mister Glum retired in 2012 due to diagnosis of kissing spine. He looked after the young horses for two years until he died in 2014.


Mister Glum is the foundation horse to Thoroughbred Dressage. he has paved the way for the thoroughbreds that join us and we miss him every day.


Mister Glum's Highlights:


  • Attended Hickstead Masters Semi Finals for two years at Advanced Medium level
  • Until September 2012 was the highest competing ex racehorse on the UK circuit
  • Competed unto PSG level
  • Was Grand Prix trained
  • Was placed at Premier League shows at Advanced and Advanced Medium level
  • First ex racehorse at Talent Spotting Finals in 2005
  • Foundation horse for Thoroughbred Dressage
  • Paraded at Royal Ascot in RoR parade 2011
  • Paraded in the Diamond Jubilee 2012 alongside Quadrille



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